What are the ingredients in a Sweet Alice Custom Logo Cookie?

We use only the finest of natural and locally sourced ingredients in all of our cookies. Our cookies and icings are made to order to guarantee their quality, taste and integrity. We use real butter, real eggs, pure vanilla extract, fine granulated sugar and all purpose unbleached wheat flour. No preservatives are added and our cookies are free of hydrogenated oils and trans fats.


Our Royal Icing is made from confectioners sugar and egg whites and used to adhere the image to the cookie.

Allergy Disclaimer: Our cookies do not contain nuts but they are baked in a facility that also processes tree nuts, milk, egg, wheat, chocolate.


What are the ingredients in the edible image?

The edible image is made from natural sugar and printed using edible color dyes. The image is wafer-like and light and melts in your mouth as you enjoy the cookie leaving no bitter aftertaste. They are certified safe and Kosher.

What is the shelf life of the edible image cookie?

All of our cookies are baked to order. We do not freeze our cookies and we do not carry an inventory of our sugar cookies. The edible image cookie is best consumed within 2-3 weeks after receipt. Once you receive the cookies, they are best stored in a cool, dry place. It is possible for the color dye to bleed or change color if exposed to heat, humidity or direct sunlight.

What is the process in making an edible image/logo cookie?

We start with our all butter sugar cookie in the selected size and shape as the base. A layer of Royal Icing is then applied to the top of the cookie and the edible image is skillfully placed and pressed into place before icing sugar is applied around the perimeter of the cookie. The cookie sets overnight, packaged the next day and prepared for shipment or delivery.

What type of file image is required to get the best results?

We recommend a high resolution (high res) JPEG or PNG file which you can easily attach to the Request A Quote form.

What is the lead time required to place an order?

We need at least 5 business days lead time to ensure your order gets the attention it deserves. For larger orders, it is best to place your order up to a few weeks in advance. Since our cookies are made to order and all images are customized and hand appliquéd, we hold no inventory or stock.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

Yes. There is a 50 piece minimum order on all cookie shapes and sizes.

Quotes, Pricing & Payment

In order to determine the pricing for your request, we perform a Custom Design Evaluation of your image/logo which determines what size and shape cookie will best frame your image to get optimum results. Our pricing is based on the size and shape of the cookie, (i.e., 2" round vs 2" x 2" square), the type of edging requested, the quantity, the date of delivery, shipping/delivery requirements and any customized packaging requested. All of our cookies are individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon complimenting or matching your logo (which is discussed with you during the Custom Design Evaluation.) Any presentation customization requested will also determine the final pricing (i.e., labelling, boxes, stickers on bags, etc.)


Once pricing is determined and agreed upon, you will receive an invoice and payment is due upon receipt. We will begin processing your order once we have received payment and not before. We accept payment via check or credit card. There is a 3% service charge added to all credit card payments. Shipping and Delivery charges will also be added to the final invoice.


We ship NATIONWIDE and WORLDWIDE using USPS and FedEx. We can also ship 3rd party. If  not shipping using your account (3rd party), you will be billed separately for the cost of shipping only --there are no handling or service fees. We will provide you with shipping confirmation and tracking information via email once your order has been shipped.

Sweet Alice CLC is not responsible for any packages shipped via USPS or FedEx that:

  • cannot be delivered due to wrong address provided by the Client.

  • are not retrieved within the same day of delivery from the specified delivery location (i.e., mailroom, front/back porch, reception desk, security gate, etc.)

  • are left outside exposed to heat, cold, water by Carrier

  • incur damages during transit once the package leaves our bakery

  • arrive later than the estimated delivery date per the Carrier's claims

Multiple Shipments

We are more than happy to ship to multiple locations. We will also include any marketing materials, messages or gift cards you provide to accompany your cookies.

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