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 Sweet Alice Custom Logo Cookies are hand crafted edible image cookies with a superior attention to detail and quality. Your audience will delight in receiving a beautifully designed and delicious treat that gets your message across while also leaving them with a sweet "reminder" of who you are. 


Sweet Alice founder, Danielle Di Vecchio, has over 20+ years of baking, creative design and sales/marketing experience. Danielle believes that paying attention to detail, craftsmanship, quality and customer service are the hallmarks of a successful business. Her biscotti company, Biscotti di Vecchio Inc. , was her initial foray into the world of artisanal baked goods. Named after her paternal grandmother's family biscotti recipe, Biscotti di Vecchio was sold throughout the tri-state area at high end coffee shops and espresso bars as well as in stores such as Bloomingdales, Nespresso cafes, Gourmet Garage and Grace's Marketplace.


Sweet Alice uses only the finest of natural and locally sourced ingredients. Our cookies and icings are made to order to guarantee their quality, taste and integrity. We use real butter, eggs, pure vanilla extract, fine granulated sugar and all-purpose wheat flour. No preservatives are added and our cookies are free of hydrogenated oils and trans fats.


Our edible image application was developed using our royal icing, made from confectioners sugar and egg whites, we then apply the image to the cookie by hand. Each cookie is edged in icing sugar for an elegant finish. 


The image itself is made from natural sugar and printed using edible color dyes. Once applied to the cookie, the wafer-like image melts in your mouth as you enjoy the cookie leaving no bitter aftertaste. 

We offer a wide range of "unique and fancy" icing sugars and decorative embellishments to further customize your cookies. Each of our customized edible image, all-butter sugar cookies are individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied in a bow with a coordinating or custom ribbon; ready to be given as a promotion, event takeaway, favor or gift.

We also offer customized cookie boxes. Perfect for client thank you gifts!

Our team of talented and accomplished bakers and decorators will create a truly beautiful and delicious cookie that offers a unique branding experience for your product, company, brand, event or occasion.

We look forward to helping you spread your message one cookie at a time!

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